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Hi sexy surfers, I'm KatyaSTAR and I work as a webcam model ! :)

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Oh yeah my long sexy legs are so sexy your eyes will hurt wanna see them? Here you are one picture:

So what is this site all about? You guessed right, i'm a naughty girl from far far away who wants to manipulate you into watching her on webcam. But why would that be bad? Maybe i'm not even that far away but am in your neighborhood, somewhere just around the corner.

Sitting comfortably in my chair, showing my hot body to all who are willing to watch. You wouldn't believe the hot things I can do when I put on the best of my lingerie and some of the finest stockings. I will make you cum just by putting the precious nylon thing on my long sexy legs, so slow that your head will explode. Have a taste of that you naughty!

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Yes thats true and thats also why my friend snatched this fine web address for me. I was first thinking something simpler like sexylegs.com or longsexylegs.com, but noooo every good eb address name must be taken. But you like my-sexy-legs.com? Or? Please don't tell me that you don't, or i'll cry!

Anyway, this page maybe looks ugly to you, what can I say, it's the best I can do! :D I'm an amateur at everything I do but that doesn't mean I can't earn good money with it :). An amateur webcam girl is a well paid job, but there's more to say about it so look at my how I became a webcam model page. Also i'm an amateur at these web page creating httml and other stuff. But you don't mind do you? You sure don't because you are such a sweetie :).

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You may have guessed but in case you didn't my speciality are my hot long legs. I like to dress up in some high heel boots, best is leather. Then I can put on stockings or fishnet stockings, or even pantyhose is an option. Whatever will please you, I have a very rich garderobe.

So the shows go down like this. You tell me what to do, I do it. Of course there are some limits. I can do some anal for you for instance, but I don't do piss. I have to draw a line somewhere :). But i know girls that don't so here you are if you want the extreme things.

But let's not talk about the other girls, let's talk about me. I work out a lot to be fit for this job, as you can see i have a nice body (i'm not too modest am i ? :D) my hard sexy body, i work out to be nice for you
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Look at those smooth legs and the firm ass. Do you wan't to touch it? Lick it? Love it? Oh i'll do all of that for you. All you have to do is watching. But you know what? With the agency I'm working with right now. We can also have a cam2cam session. And there is no added cost to that! All you must do is switch on your camera and there you go. I'll be able to see you. And that makes me hot! And when I'm hot then I'll also get wet and you will not believe how sexy that is. But wait wai. It will be best if you just read about some of my webcam shows for the first guys. For instance the first webcam show was a blast! And all the others were nice too. I think the guys were really pleased by me.

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This is about everything i want to show you but maybe there are some of you left that wonder if i could do a preview. Well there is none but my agency gave me this special tool. A shame that i can't set it up so that it only shows me. So you will also see the other webcam girls. But for the love of god ! And for me. Please check if I'm online and try enjoying a webcam show with me. Me! Me! :) Ok here is the prommised preview (don't click! just watch! please i need the money! so promise that you first try a webcam show with me):